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My goal is to begin sharing my story and provide inspiration or motivation for people to chase their dreams despite adversity.  With how the modern society and the media have gutted and bastardized the concept of manhood I want to provide a vision of a real man.  A man that creates value, forms the world around him, and is a pillar of strength mentally, physically and emotionally.

Hardship, Dreams, & Passion

I know that many people have had bigger struggles than myself, and accomplished more than I have.  This doesn’t change the fact that I still want to share my story and help try to inspire others to be passionate about following their dreams.  To constantly challenge yourself and put yourself in that place where you are forced to grow and improve.  Living in comfort with everything taken care of is the dream of many, but it is simply death in disguise.  If you are not striving and growing you are dying.

Article From 1995                                                          10 Year Follow Up (2005)
1995               2005

Personally I’ve been blessed with many hardships and challenges in my life.  Most people might look at adversity as negatives but it is truly a gift that gives you appreciation for what you have.  This is so evident when you look around society today.  Having that perspective forged in hardship is something not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy.  Be thankful with hardship strikes as overcoming it give you the strength to achieve your dreams.  Yes it can break you if you’re not strong enough but that is what is so rewarding when you overcome it.  The more adversity you have the stronger you become.

Many people dream big, but to achieve those dreams you also have to dream small.  In life it is such a rare instance of simply making a right turn brings you what you wish that it is statistically insignificant. It is those small incremental steps every day.  To achieve this you must be consistent, but more importantly you must be passionate about the goals and life you want to live.  Without that passion you will not maintain the consistency and often drudgery of all the small steps forward every day.  The incremental and often unnoticeable self-improvement to make yourself capable of achieving those dreams gets muddled in to the simple ‘maintenance tasks’ of everyday life.  That passion, and that consistency towards improving yourself and stepping ever so closer to your goals, must remain the pillars of your life or you will risk losing your path.

Do you want to be one of those people going through the motions of living a life?  Working all week so you can drink a beer and watch some football on Sunday?  Not me!  I envision myself as a warrior set out to see what I am truly capable of in life.  I want to Dream, and more importantly I want to live!  If you feel the same way this website is for you.

This website is dedicated towards living life in this fashion and often times I use my own life stories to highlight points.   A couple articles on my life linked to the images on the right of this page.  They do not delve much into my early upbringing, but I do hope to share this part of my life as the time becomes appropriate.

A more pointed/detailed lift story here: Life Stories


The short story is that I was born amongst a group of very intelligent but social flawed and highly independent people.  This resulted in being raised in the Northern California Wilderness and obscure regions of Eastern Oregon Mountain and desert regions.  Yes, the wilderness as in Tents, Tarp Shelters, in Trees, and various degrees of condemned houses.  I was the oldest of 3 sisters and 1 brother, but they were younger and don’t remember much of earlier more difficult years.  By the time I graduated high school the majority of my life had been lived this way.

Hunting and foraging for food were normal parts of life activities.  We learned about which mushrooms we could eat and how to prepare them.  Knew that the best way to kill a porcupine was with a club and that they had to be skinned immediately (and carefully) or they tasted horrible.   Nothing was really that difficult, just different than what most people would consider normal in this day and age.  Showers had to be taken by filling gallon jugs with water and letting them sit on a rock in the sun, or heating on the woodstove during the winter.  Once a week you would overturn them over your head for a shower.   Reading by candle light was sometimes a year round activity.   There was some time spent in foster care as well, but that was not a positive experience at all.

With this upbringing I was a bit socially awkward but I did begin excelling in school and sports by the time I reached high school. This combined with getting somewhat of a functional house around the same time helped me start overcoming my social and self-confidence issues as well.  Although clean clothes and a shower really helped this process acclimating socially well.

This certainly could be played out as a sob story and why I never achieved much in my life.  Being left with all this baggage from my upbringing could be an easy excuse.  Not that it didn’t leave me with demons, it certainly left me with some that I still deal with today.  However that story above is not my story.  My story is how I used that life to propel me going forward.    It gives me the broad range of experiences and didn’t make me weaker, only stronger.

My story is the continued consistent efforts to live my dreams and do what I knew I was capable of.  I went on to college while working full time and beginning to struggle with some of those aforementioned demons.  The family deteriorated when I removed myself those first two years at college.  I am often applauded for the action I took when I found out the conditions at home.  However, I have never thought of it outside of it was simply something a real man should take care of.  And I believe any real man would do the same thing.

Even though I was working full time and going to school full time I ended up taking custody of my three sisters and raising them while I put myself though College.  I refused to let any of this derail me, graduating early and buying my first house and opening my first business at 21 while beginning my career in manufacturing.  I continued to raise them while advancing in my professional career with the last one finally moving on well after I finished my MBA.

Today I live a life that seems nearly inconceivable from what I could have envisioned as a child.  I have seen substantial success in my professional career, as Coach and Owner of Elite Performance Center, and have been a #1 Ranked Powerlifter in the world going on 4 years now.  My wife, son, and daughter are the most wonderful thing in the world to me.

Even given the success listed  to be better every day.  The day you stop doing thisabove it still goes without saying that I should be (and am) challenging myself is the day you stop living and the day you begin dying.  

Be passionate about your life, never doubt yourself, and never let up in the pursuit of your dreams!